Learn faster through meta-learning and colonize your brain like in that movie Lucy!

If you fight for your limitations… you get to keep them.

~ Jim Kwik

This mind valley masterclass is absolutely profound. What’s more, the timing in my finding it was impeccable. Below are notes I scratched down to share with anyone interested in healing their brain, expanding their awareness, bending their consciousness and personal development. I encourage you to check out all their free courses and paid programs. It’s basically a school for super heroes.

Rule #1: Never forget someones name


Like a school for super heroes

Socrates – Learning is remembering

Learn to break bad habits (decision fatigue, brain fog). Don’t try to do too much and get healthy rest to supercharge the brain and maximize your potential.

Morning Routine:

Jump start super power (the brain) win the morning, win the day.

  2. sucess breeds success
  3. brush teeth with OPPOSITE HAND – body affects your mind, unlock new areas of. Even .
  4. Jugglers have bigger brains (interesting)
  6. COLD SHOWER THERAPY – resets nervous system, puts you into Theta state (state of creativity and higher vibration)
  7. BRAIN TEA – ginko, lions mane, nootropics
  8. JOURNAL WHILE DRINKING TEA – to-do list / not-to-do list. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE. trains you for distraction, trains you to be reactive. Write the 3 things needed to accomplish success for today.
  9. BRAIN FOODS: avocado, blue berries, broccoli, coconut oil, eggs, green leaft, sardines, salmon, turmeric, WALNUTS – brain signature (sign of nature), MCT oil, DARK CHOCOLATE… brainpower smoothie
  10. Read, work on doubling your reading speed… double learning abilities
  11. MEDITATION / MINDFULNESS TRAINING – alpha wave states, breathwork, visualization, brain practices, optimizing our brain states.
  12. PHYSICAL EXERCISE / YOGA – 3 hours of workouts??? Whatever is good for your heart is good for your head. Excercise has been proven to be better in the morning. As your body moves your brain grooves.

Skimping on sleep is similar to drinking a beer at work the next day.


10 keys to unlocking the SuperBrain

  1. good brain diet
  2. Kill ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)
  3. Excersice
  4. Brain Nutrients
  5. Positive Peer Group
  6. clean environment
  7. sleep – clean out the plaque (memory blocks)
  8. brain protection – wear helmet, keep cool
  9. new learning – novelty, challenge
  10. stress management – self regulation

If content is king, context is the kingdom.

LOCI MEMORY – 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place centurines old line of thinking. Important now in recognizing we remember that which we tie to emotion better than we remember something which is boring. Add emotion into remembering names, routines etc. Our brains store information in patterns organized similar to the way we organize our surroundings.