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Animation highlights

This page has some great highlights of animation projects I’ve produced or collaborated on.

Medical Rendering

Bio-Anatomical Modeling & HD rendering

In 2004 I was hired by a bio-medical and legal animation company. There I began specializing in anatomical 3D Modeling and Animation. Some of my renderings were featured on Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 2 and 3. After 2009 it’s become more of a hobby, but incredibly fun and inspirational nonetheless.


Drag brain to rotate

Brain Power

Visualize the Beauty

Appreciate and admire the beauty of what’s blossomed inside our heads. This 3D model is a tribute to my passion, motivation, inspiration and creativity. An effective display of displaying a 3D model on the web.

The magnificent structure of our brains influences our ability to study, question, analyze and appreciate the wonders of our world. It is something of which I am most grateful.


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