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Animation highlights

This page has some great highlights of animation projects I’ve produced or collaborated on.

Medical Rendering

Bio-Anatomical Modeling & HD rendering

In 2004 I was hired by a bio-medical and legal animation company. There I began specializing in anatomical 3D Modeling and Animation. Some of my renderings were featured on Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 2 and 3. After 2009 it’s become more of an inspirational hobby.


Drag brain to rotate

Brain Power

Visualize the Beauty

Appreciate and admire the beauty of what’s blossomed inside our heads. This 3D model is a tribute to my passion, motivation, inspiration and creativity. An effective display of displaying a 3D model on the web.

The magnificent structure of our brains influences our ability to study, question, analyze and appreciate the wonders of our world. It is something of which I am most grateful.

photo of Paul Dumbauld

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