Paul Dumbauld

Webmaster & CG Artist

We are all amazingly powerful creators...


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Appreciate and admire

the beauty of what's blossomed inside our heads. This is a tribute to my passion, motivation, inspiration and creativity; the blending of 3D and web development skills.

The magnificent structure of our brains influences our ability to study, question, analyze and appreciate the wonders of our world. It is something I am most grateful.


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Stratospheric heights…

Back in September of 2009 I helped with an investment visualization for the RedBull® Stratos Mission. My role involved 3D modeling the space suit which was going to be used in a CGI rendering to promote the daring jump from the straosphere by Felix Baumgartner in October of 2012. I hope this inspires you to reach beyond the limits of our own realities, and re-imagine a potential to achieve the incredible.

My mission is success, defined by empowering others to succeed.

My professional career…

I’ve acquired a specialized skill-set covering web development, SEO, 3D modeling, animation, VR and game development. Some of my early work at a bio-medical software and simulation startup was featured on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy seasons 3 & 4. I’ve consulted with clients in various industries including: medical, educational, financial, personal development, video game, retail and real estate.

My goal is promoting businesses and individuals with efficient marketing, media and technology.